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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 2, 2008, 10:21 PM

ArtJam Rules
As part of the ongoing celebrations of DA's 8th birthday we've opened up #ArtJam. It's the place to be if you are looking for creative contest and collaborative inspiration within the community, and this will continue as a long term project to celebrate our community long after the birthday festivities have died down.

If you are interested in joining in the events, you should continue reading for the rules.

Rule One
For most challenges a number of stock and or resources will be chosen and displayed in the topic of the room as well as in a designated Collection. Otherwise alternative stock rules will be explained when the challenge is posted.

Usually eight deviations will be selected.
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Rule Two
You have to use a set number of the selected stock for a digital media* piece (in which photomanipulation is one of the media used); you can use any other stock or resources you like but you MUST use the minimum number of selected stock.

The minimum number of stock you must use will be explained in each challenge. Usually it is three stock images.
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* Digital media in this case means: using two or more of the following art forms in one piece: photo-manipulation, vector, painting, 3d, fractals, digital painting. Meaning, the stock pictures may be used for overpainting or reference, but it must be noticeable that you used the stock.

Rule Three
Each challenge has a set deadline, and your entry notes must be sent by this time.

Usually an event lasts two hours, but check the rules of the challenge carefully.
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Rule Four
By the time the deadline comes you must had your entry uploaded to DA in your gallery or scrap book and have sent a a note** to this account, dA-ArtJam. Late entries or entries not posted as Deviations will not be accepted.
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** It has to be a NOTE to this account! - we cannot accept entries that only have been posted in the room or noted to the wrong person, simply because it would get way to complicated to manage - we hope you understand.

Rule Five
Judging is done by the founders and operators of the room, winners are announced as soon as possible in the chat room
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